Who we help

Jacobi is run by a team of seasoned investment professionals who understand the unique challenges facing large investment groups. The company provides its technology to top-tier investors across the globe, including asset managers, wealth managers, asset owners and investment consultants.

Asset Managers

Asset Managers use Jacobi to build and customize portfolios at scale, efficiently design and manage model portfolios and deliver dynamic client engagement.

Wealth Managers

Jacobi delivers Wealth Managers a market leading digital tool that supports both the investment team and advisor workflows. Industrialize and govern the portfolio review, proposal and research process and easily incorporate unique and complex data structures.

Asset Owners

Jacobi enables multi-asset teams to provide improved visibility and analytics across pools capital to ensure alignment of portfolios to objectives. Remove the inefficiencies of disconnected spreadsheets and enable effective stakeholder communication.

Investment Consultants and OCIOS

Investment Consultants use Jacobi’s customizable and modular platform to industrialize their unique models and custom workflows, providing greater control and flexibility and increased value to their end client.