How can Jacobi help?

Our intelligence platform is used by some of the world’s largest and most forward thinking investment managers. Here are some case studies.

Efficient delivery of model portfolios

Efficient delivery of model portfolios for a global asset manager managing in excess of $500b of assets under management


The Asset management firm needed an efficient and scalable solution to manage model portfolios and undertake reviews, including proprietary risk analytics, with the end client. 

Existing systems often did not allow for customization at scale and failed to effectively communicate proprietary investment processes. Often this resulted in inefficient excel based workflows, and sometimes analytical output sometimes even manually pasted to Powerpoint presentations.

Jacobi Solution

Jacobi’s configurable platform provided a centralized, reliable, and digitized environment to review, build and manage customized model portfolios and generate production ready client reports. 

These reports include powerful, and highly configurable historical and forward-looking analytics to support a more meaningful narrative around each model’s particular objectives. 

Through the Portfolio Builder application, Jacobi has improved efficiency, scalability, collaboration and governance across the firm with a positive net impact on client engagement.

Optimizing the portfolio review and proposal process

Optimizing the portfolio review and proposal process for a top US wealth manager with billions of dollars in assets under management and an extensive network of financial advisors


The Firm’s Advisor portfolio review and proposal processes were often inflexible and disconnected which caused it to be time-consuming, error prone and often un-compliant. They required a single tool to support the client portfolio review and proposal process that allowed for the inclusion of their own internal products and unique data structures.

Jacobi Solution

The client engaged Jacobi to deliver an integrated advisor tooling solution. Jacobi’s out-of-the-box functionality would be configured to deliver a tool that reflected their unique data sets and processes, as well as their investment IP.

With Jacobi’s Portfolio Builder tool advisors could apply a robust and consistent portfolio review and proposal process that wasl in line with specific regulatory requirements, all linked to hundreds of holdings, look-through exposures, ex-post and ex-ante analytics (driven by their investment teams’ capital market assumptions).


Streamlining strategic asset allocation

Streamlining strategic asset allocation for a large Australian superannuation fund with more than one million members and $40 billion in assets under management. 


The investment team’s existing asset allocation and portfolio construction systems and processes were predominantly run in Excel and Powerpoint. A large amount of the investment team’s energy was focused on manual spreadsheet updates, formula and data cross-checking. This impacted their ability to conduct detailed asset allocation analysis in a timely manner, test new thinking and make relevant changes; in order to achieve their primary objective, outperformance.

Jacobi Solution

With Jacobi, the client replaced a tangled web of spreadsheets with one integrated, cloud-based, dynamic and customizable platform. 

Jacobi’s technology allowed them to integrate multiple capital markets assumptions (including their own), their unique asset class framework and aggregated, up-to-date portfolio data. A common risk factor framework was devised and applied across public and private assets. 

Overall, an integrated platform  allowed for interactive analysis, reporting and stakeholder communication. Using Jacobi, they could combine their investment process with their stakeholder engagement framework and conduct dynamic “on-the-fly” analysis.

Scaling investment advisory services

Scaling investment advisory services for a leading asset consultant in the Asia Pacific region with over $500bn of assets under advice.


The investment consultants relied on a mix of spreadsheet-based tools for asset allocation advice. As their business and headcount grew, spreadsheet complexity and governance risks increased.

A key part of their value-add for clients was providing strategic asset allocation advice, leveraging their capital market assumptions and a unique optimization approach. Their  approach was stifling innovation and the client needed a platform that would allow them to rapidly enhance and extend on their existing asset allocation tools.

Jacobi Solution

Using a white-labeled private deployment of Jacobi, the client integrated their unique investment and engagement processes in a single platform. 

The platform was configured to reflect their unique asset class categories and integrate their capital market assumptions (both in-house and third party).  

Their optimization model was enhanced, leading to quicker simulation speeds and allowing the client to iteratively test and validate the model. With the optimization tool now in the platform, it could then be used more widely by investment consultants, removing reliance on key individuals.. By using a single platform, the client was able to integrate asset allocation and manager selection processes and management gained the ability to have full visibility and governance over the advice processes

Jacobi in action

With Jacobi you can differentiate your firm through technology

Atrium Investment Management is a specialist manager of diversified portfolios for high net worth clients, financial advisers, charities, and institutions. 

This video shows how Atrium is using Jacobi to empower its clients.