Wealth Managers

& RIA's

Wealth Management Firms/RIAs are looking to grow their businesses scalably but this requires the implementation of efficient and client friendly processes.

Firms are wanting to create an efficient client portfolio review and proposal process that is aligned with complex data structures and unique operational requirements. Further, firms are wanting to show the impact of proposed changes to a portfolio or model and determine the ability of that portfolio to achieve a clients’ objectives.

Digitize and industrialize the advice process with Jacobi

Jacobi’s technology for the portfolio proposal and review process better aligns existing and hypothetical portfolios with client objectives. With Jacobi’s Portfolio Builder application, configure the technology to support the management of internal product, organizational processes and client reporting requirements.

Jacobi Platform Technology

The Jacobi platform empowers you to

Reach client objectives

Deliver a market leading digital tool to support the portfolio proposal and review process which enables better alignment of existing and hypothetical portfolios with client objectives.

Generate analytics

Generate robust ex-post and ex-ante analytics to support the portfolio decision making process.

Implement unique data structures

Implement your own unique data structures and product into the portfolio review and proposal process.

Implement governance

Implement stronger governance across processes with robust permissioning and history tables to track portfolio iterations.

Easily scale models

Efficiently create and manage model portfolios at scale.

Streamline workflow

Provide a simple Proposal Tool user interface with tools to support the review and proposal workflow process.

How Jacobi has helped other Wealth Managers & RIA's

To see how a top US wealth manager with billions of dollars in assets under management and an extensive network of financial advisors used Jacobi.


Learn more about some of Jacobi’s tools


Portfolio Builder Application

Jacobi's Portfolio Builder Application is designed to support the dynamic nature of the portfolio design process.

Portfolio Optimizer

Perform portfolio optimizations using a wide range of objective functions and constraints based on allocation ranges and customized attributes

Model Builder Application

The Model Builder Application is a tool purpose built for those managing multiple model portfolio groups and the customization of those models at scale.