Investment Consultants

& OCIO's

Investment Consultants need to showcase their investment capabilities by delivering bespoke investment strategies and analytics for clients. Consultants often rely on a number of disconnected spreadsheets and tools to provide asset allocation advice. As their business grows, spreadsheet complexity and governance risks increase which puts a strain on resources and impacts efficiencies.

We often hear from investment consultants that they need more flexibility, better data connectivity and a more meaningful analysis/narrative around risk.

Scale your investment processes and client engagement with Jacobi

The Jacobi platform solution strengthens the value proposition to the end client, reducing the dependencies on disconnected spreadsheets for delivery and ensures strong and effective communication and collaboration with clients.

Jacobi Platform Technology

Jacobi works with investment consultants to deliver an integrated multi-asset portfolio construction and analytics platform which provides:

Custom configuration

Configuration around each firm’s investment views, methodology and process

Data flexibility

Data flexibility including better connectivity, aggregation and automation.

Client collaboration

Better client collaboration with dynamic visualization tools and reporting.

Governance management

Tighter governance with robust permissioning and reporting.

Bespoke analytics

The ability to perform and scale bespoke, forward-looking, and historical analysis and manage portfolio risk.

How Jacobi has helped other Investment Consultants and OCIO's

To see how a leading asset consultant in the Asia Pacific region integrated their unique investment engagement processes in a single platform with Jacobi view the case studies below:


Learn more about some of Jacobi’s tools


Portfolio Builder Application

Jacobi's Portfolio Builder Application is designed to support the dynamic nature of the portfolio design process.

Portfolio Optimizer

Perform portfolio optimizations using a wide range of objective functions and constraints based on allocation ranges and customized attributes

Model Builder Application

The Model Builder Application is a tool purpose built for those managing multiple model portfolio groups and the customization of those models at scale.