How We Help

Our intelligence platform is used by some of the world’s largest and most forward-thinking investment managers. Here are some case studies

Use Tools to Differentiate Your Products

Current Landscape

Asset managers position their capabilities and products on the basis of benefits and unique selling propositions which have:

  • Limited regard to an investor’s existing portfolio
  • Limited regard to an investor’s risk and return profile
  • Limited emphasis on forward expectations and their alignment to the objective (including limited governance and control for cases where there is)
  • Significant information gap between investment and sales teams

With Jacobi

Build tools to contextualise products and enable real-time conversations with clients about how a portfolio aligns to their needs

  • Incorporate forward asset projections (yours or your client’s), perform stress tests under different regimes, and conduct “step” optimizations to find the optimal allocation – all conducted interactively and live
  • Empower your sales team to have solutions conversations with clients, placing outcome at the center
  • Deploy tools directly into the hands of clients to strengthen the relationship further

Commercialise your research

Current Landscape

Stretching beyond fund and mandate management, asset managers must compete at different points along the investment supply chain to protect margins and revenues

  • Technology used to manage, organise, and communicate research is internally focused, clunky, and unfit for client consumption
  • Only a little attention is focused on strategic and tactical asset allocation which typically accounts for the lion’s share of portfolio returns

With Jacobi

Asset managers use technology to commercialise and distribute their research, including:

  • Complex models, tools, and research to aid security or asset selection
  • Proprietary data signals and analysis
  • Risk engines to aid portfolio design, construction, and management
  • Asset managers rapidly develop analytic tools and systems within the Jacobi platform, which can be on-sold to both existing and new clients
  • Asset managers focus on their investment intelligence, not specialist technology challenges such as security, permissioning, and downstream integration

Scale Your Solutions Advisory

Current Landscape

Many asset managers currently offer different levels of investment advisory, including strategic asset allocation and product engineering

  • Most approaches do not leverage technology and lack scale, and are heavily reliant on bespoke modelling and labour-intense processes
  • There's a high risk of investment messages getting distorted as they filter back to the end client

With Jacobi

Work with clients in real time to design, customise, and build bespoke investment solutions, leveraging technology to scale up the advisory service

  • Use the Jacobi platform to develop strategic asset allocation tools that incorporate your own investment intelligence such as capital market assumptions, risk engines, optimisation techniques, and data
  • Improve your speed and responsiveness, while also bringing clients closer to the design process

Jacobi for Optimization

Who we helped: A prominent San Francisco-based Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

Before Jacobi

Bespoke portfolio optimization built in Matlab/Excel and maintained by external consultants

  • Technical user interface prevented rapid iteration
  • Calculation time exceeded 2 minutes
  • Dependencies on third parties to make code changes

  • With Jacobi

    Tools are now easily accessible for client-facing PM’s

  • Intuitive user interface, with improved calculation times
  • RIA is empowered to make changes to analytics

  • Jacobi in Action

    Atrium Investment Management is a specialist manager of diversified portfolios for high net worth clients, financial advisers, charities, and institutions. This video shows how Atrium is using Jacobi to empower its clients.