Asset Owners

Clients and stakeholders increasingly want greater visibility over a firm’s investment strategy but generating a top-down view of both historical and expected risk and return across many pools of capital can be challenging.

Further, disconnected systems and processes often inhibit the ability to make timely decisions and effectively visualize the impacts to stakeholders.

Amplify your investment strategy with Jacobi

Jacobi’s technology helps multi-asset teams to provide improved visibility and analytics across all pools of capital to ensure alignment of portfolios to objectives. Remove the dependencies and inefficiencies that come from using disconnected spreadsheets and enable effective stakeholder communication across SAA and DAA decisions.

Jacobi Platform Technology

Jacobi has a track-record working with some of the world's largest asset owners to provide:

Strategic asset allocation tools

Strategic asset allocation and Dynamic Asset Allocation tools that incorporate proprietary investment intelligence such as capital market assumptions, risk engines, optimisation techniques, and data schemas.

Real time analytics

Real-time historical and forward-looking portfolio analytics to support investment decision making.


Flexibility with the ability to configure solutions to align to each asset owner’s unique investment processes and investment intelligence.

Crisp visualization tools

Crisp visualization tools to communicate decisions to stakeholders.

How Jacobi has helped other Asset Owners

To see how one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds with more than one million members and $40 billion in assets under management used Jacobi to enhance their investment process.


Jacobi has a range of tools that can assist asset owners with:

Strategic asset allocation

Dynamic asset allocation

Forecasting risk and return outcomes

Portfolio positioning

Private equity analysis

Amplify your investment strategy with Jacobi

Asset Managers use Jacobi to build and customize portfolios for clients at scale and enable efficient client and internal stakeholder engagement.