Asset Managers

Asset managers are increasingly focused on the overall value they provide to their clients. As products are becoming more commoditized, investment firms are seeking to distribute more of their investment IP and research to their clients and are looking for technology that can enable the build and distribution of customized processes and data at scale. 

Amplify your investment strategy with Jacobi

Asset Managers use Jacobi to build and customize portfolios for clients at scale and enable efficient client and internal stakeholder engagement.

Jacobi Platform Technology

The Jacobi platform enables you to

Make iterative changes

Make iterative changes to portfolios and assess the impact of those changes vs objectives.

Implement governance

Implement tighter governance controls around the management of model portfolios and the customization of those models at scale.​

Utilize data visualization

Utilize extensive data visualization and reporting features such as dynamic dashboards, interactive apps, sharing tools and custom reporting capabilities.

Integrate proprietary models

Integrate proprietary models, code, and internal/external data structures through Jacobi’s innovative open architecture.

Manage risk

Provide extensive risk management tools including simulations, stress-testing and scenario analysis.

Streamline investment processes

Streamline investment processes through tighter data connectivity, aggregation and automation.

How Jacobi has helped other Asset Managers

To see how a leading global asset manager with in excess of $700bn of assets under management scaled their model portfolio management with Jacobi.


Learn more about some of Jacobi’s tools


Portfolio Builder Application

Jacobi's Portfolio Builder Application is designed to support the dynamic nature of the portfolio design process.

Portfolio Optimizer

Perform portfolio optimizations using a wide range of objective functions and constraints based on allocation ranges and customized attributes

Model Builder Application

The Model Builder Application is a tool purpose built for those managing multiple model portfolio groups and the customization of those models at scale.