Jacobi's Technology


Jacobi's innovative technology platform provides a powerful and highly customizable suite of tools for modelling and visualizing your multi-asset portfolios. Deployed in the cloud, Jacobi's services deliver a scalable and high-performance environment for your investment decisions.

Built for scale and performance

Jacobi leverages the elastic scalability and performance of Amazon Web Services to build a highly available, fault-tolerant platform. Compute capacity grows automatically with demand, and unhealthy services are replaced with no manual intervention required, so we're always there when you need us. All infrastructure and containerized deployments are completely automated, allowing rapid innovation to keep pace with your changing needs. Jacobi's modelling engine is built on highly optimized scientific computing libraries and algorithms, delivering you the insights you need, faster. And our containerized service model helps ensure that you get the same benefits when running Jacobi's platform on premise.

Security and Control

At Jacobi, security is central to everything we do. Our infrastructure is based on Amazon Web Services' (AWS) reference architecture for protecting financial data. Your data is kept isolated and protected through the use of separated AWS accounts, virtual private clouds (VPC), private subnets, and VPNs. A full history of all access and change events, both within the infrastructure and the application, is kept for governance and audit purposes.

Customizable Tools

Jacobi's platform is highly customizable to your needs. If you don't find exactly what you need out of the box, you can build your own visualizations right inside Jacobi's application. Still not enough? You can develop your own customized models with our powerful API, using the languages and tools you're familiar with.

Open Architecture

The Jacobi platform is an open infrastructure and built to support API connections with other platforms. We are able to connect with books of record, custodians and data providers that are also built to support API connections.