Our Product


Jacobi streamlines your investment processes with one uniquely customizable platform for portfolio design, analysis and engagement.


Tell a better investment story. Workspaces are the place to aggregate portfolios and cashflows, and to build out Storyboards (dashboards).

Portfolio Design

Create deeper analysis on the impact of decision making. Take your portfolios from current to target by analyzing your allocations and the associated risk and returns.

Cashflow Analysis

Use powerful, customized inputs to answer the "what-ifs". Incorporate relevant cash inflow or outflows into your portfolio design process.


A suite of customizable dashboards to transform financial complexity into intuitive visualization and interactivity.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

  • Jacobi’s innovative, 'open architecture' platform allows users to build and plug in their own in-house applications
  • Users download the Jacobi SDK to a local development environment in order to create, test, and debug Jacobi graph scripts using tools they know best
  • This allows your in-house software engineers, financial engineers, and quantitative analysts to build their own extensions and applications within the platform
  • The SDK comes with a native client for the Jacobi API (application programming interface), allowing you to control your systems and data securely within the platform