Technology to customize and scale multi-asset portfolio design

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Your Intelligence. Your Story. One Platform.

Aggregate your investment intelligence to analyze asset allocation and portfolio risk and return, then instantly amplify your story on one cloud based platform.

Your Intelligence

Aggregate your investment intelligence or your trusted partners, including capital market assumptions, risk factors and asset classes.

Your Story

Design multi-asset portfolios, analyze your allocation and associated risk and return, then instantly amplify your strategy for superior client engagement.

One Platform

The cloud based, secure platform enables investment collaboration, design at scale, simple integration into existing systems and strong governance.

The Jacobi platform enables multi-asset investment teams to focus on the associated risks and analysis required to achieve specific objectives.

Core Features


The place to aggregate portfolios, cash flows and build out your relevant Storyboards.

Portfolio Design

Get your portfolios from current to target by analyzing your allocation and the associated risk and return.

Cashflow Analysis

Incorporate relevant cash inflow or outflows into your portfolio design process.


A suite of customizable visualization tools to help amplify your investment strategy.

Who does Jacobi Help?

Asset Managers

Asset Owners

Wealth Managers

How does Jacobi Help?

For Client Engagement

Build out dynamic Storyboards to help design and showcase portfolios with respect to client objectives. Use the platform interactively with your clients, or export to powerpoint, PDF or an image to help drive a deeper understanding of your investment strategy.

Scalable Portfolio Design

Create storyboard templates that can be used across multiple portfolios. Apply and customize with the click of a button to simplify the portfolio design process.

Modeling + Scenario Testing

Apply your own investment philosophies to drive the construction, testing and monitoring of your portfolios. Instead of relying on historical data fitting, the platform enables forward looking and risk factor analysis to help better understand asset class returns and interactions.

Jacobi in Action

Atrium Investment Management is a specialist manager of diversified portfolios for high net-worth clients, financial advisers, charities and institutions.

This video shows how Atrium are using Jacobi to empower their clients.