Case Studies


Our intelligence platform is used by some of the world's largest and most forward-thinking asset owners and managers.

Helping Clients Move Faster

A major pension fund wanted to move to a new risk-factor framework, but couldn't be certain of complete and consistent implementation.

  • Key models were scattered across many spreadsheets, proving hard to control and audit
  • Systems could model only liquid assets, and couldn't cope with investment team assumptions
  • Because of the uncertainty, it was difficult to win approval from the Investment Committee
  • Use storyboards to consolidate asset models, portfolios, and case studies in one location
  • Make the portfolio construction tool interactive
  • Model governance for Investment Committee reviews and audits

With more clarity and credible processes, investment teams can get approval for decisions more quickly.

Clarity Through Storyboards

An asset manager's insurance client wanted to de-risk its balanced strategy, in order to reduce solvency risk.

  • The client manager lacked tools for linking the client's objectives (i.e., assets and liabilities) to the investment product
  • Investment team looked to be more concerned with the investment product than the client strategy, so the client was becoming alienated
  • Comprehensive evaluation: connect objectives, modeling, and risk in storyboards
  • Export storyboards to demonstrate strategy matched to the objective - to show the client return seeking was vital to minimizing solvency risk

The client can clearly see how the investment strategy matches their objectives and the investment team can clearly demonstrate value and articulate their point of differentiation.